Further Support from KCOM to Isolated & Vulnerable Residents

KCOM are here to support any residents who are vulnerable, and who may need their support during these challenging times.

As the region’s main communications provider, thry are reaching out to charities and other organisations that have contact with people who may be in a vulnerable situation and in need of extra help to stay connected.

They are seeking help by asking that you encourage any of your beneficiaries who feel they need this additional help to contact them. Making KCOM aware of their situation will mean they are better able to respond and support them when needed, for example, by:

  • Arranging a priority engineer visit if there is a problem with their KCOM service
  • Arranging a payment plan if someone is in financial difficulty due to the loss of a job or being unable to work
  • Making low-cost internet access available so they can Skype their doctor, renew a prescription, apply for Government aid or book an online shopping delivery.

As everyone is aware, KCOM have already taken several measures to help ease the burden on customers during this difficult time, such as removing data usage caps and suspending disconnections and late payment fees. You can find more details of these measures here, and the full range of additional support we can provide here but they are keen to do more for those in greatest need.

Therefore, if you deal with anyone who may benefit from letting KCOM know they need extra support – whether because they are clinically extremely vulnerable or due to other circumstances that mean they are in a vulnerable situation – they would be grateful if they could be encouraged to contact them.

The flyer to share this information can be downloaded here.

They can get in touch on 01482 602168 or via email.