HFRS Hull District Public Safety team and FALLS team (including retained FALLS team)

The Hull Public Safety team aims to help the public stay safe from fire at home and outside using data led intelligence safety interventions aligned with the Integrated Risk Management Plan. The team deliver this in many ways including (list not exhaustive) carrying out Safe and Well visits in person, working with and training partner agencies, fire setter intervention with children etc.

The Hull Falls Team work within a partnership orientated environment to deliver a rapid response to falls incidents to reduce hospital admissions, minimising the risk of worsening conditions of injuries. They provide advice, intervention and signposting to reduce the risk of further falls.

Both teams have gone above and beyond to help people in the Community during COVID-19.

The FALLS team (fire-fighters and advocates) ensure that essential medication is delivered the same day to residents in Hull who live alone and are unable to collect their own prescriptions, most are self-isolating. Residents receiving medication deliveries are being offered a Safe and Well telephone call to ensure that they receive fire safety advice. The team deliver the medication whilst being on call for FALLS incidents. The team are also attending incidents for people who are confirmed and show symptoms of COVID-19.

In addition to this both teams have carried out Safe and Well visit telephone calls to hundreds of occupiers offering a referral for support with:

  • food
  • fuel
  • housing
  • money
  • payment of bills
  • collection of your medication
  • befriender service – “chatty hull”

If it is deemed necessary, during the call, that the occupier needs a face to face Safe and Well visit then the team visit wearing appropriate PPE.

The team have also continued to carry out Arson Threat Safe and Wells visits often related to Domestic Abuse. They have ensured that the occupier receives appropriate information and resources. PPE is always worn when a face to face visit is required.

On many occasions’ equipment such as smoke alarms, deep fat fryers and cooking timers have been dropped off at the doorstep to help keep the occupier safe from fire. The occupier has been provided with information over the telephone on how to use the equipment.

In the initial onset of COVID-19 the team collected shopping lists and money from residents, shopped in local supermarkets (sometimes 3 different shops per resident if they had an intolerance and could only find certain products at a specific supermarkets) and delivered the products back to the occupier.

The team are heavily involved in assisting the food hubs in Hull. Not only are they delivering food parcels throughout Hull daily they are also involved in the packing of the items. During the food drops they are also checking for any occupier that maybe at risk of fire and completing a Safe and Well visit for them either over the telephone or face to face i.e. for example evidence of hoarding.