Funding Projects:

  • £500.00 to £5,000 

Areas Covered:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire


Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSE) in the East Riding are working together to respond to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The East Riding VCSE Network has established a new fund and consultancy support to help voluntary sector organisations during this crisis. 

This grant and support package aims to provide support and funding to enable the voluntary sector to thrive, now and into the future. It has been designed to reflect the essential needs of the voluntary and community organisations, with the opportunity to receive consultancy support from the East Riding VCSE Network. 

Purpose of Fund: 

  • Providing support and funding to enable the voluntary sector to thrive now and into the future. 
  • A grant programme designed to reflect essential needs of a voluntary or community organisation, with the opportunity to receive consultancy support from the East Riding VCSE Network. 

Funding Value: 

Supported by local grant makers, businesses and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, this Covid-19 fund has an allocation of £150,000 to support essential costs and overcome challenges during Covid-19.  

In addition, each applicant will have the opportunity to request consultancy support to prepare for a stronger future. 

Applicants can request between £500 and £5,000. We anticipate the need to be flexible and offer successful groups additional funding if identified during the requested consultancy support. 


Applying organisations must be registered on Beecan with an appropriate not-for profit governing structure focused on the needs of the East Riding community. This process will be supported HEY Smile Foundation and alternative arrangements could be implemented if required. 

Requests for support should reflect the following Stronger Together principles and outcomes: 

We’re open to new ideas: More creative solutions to support local VCSE organisations.

We’re ready to make a change:  Better prepared to respond to challenges within the VCSE sector. 

We’re planning for a stronger future: Improved leadership to secure VCSE future. 

Consultancy Support:

Each successful applicant will have the opportunity to request consultancy support in addition to a grant. This support will help prepare for a stronger future and could include:

  • Business planning 
  • Leadership Support 
  • Property management 
  • Community consultation 
  • Risk management 
  • Volunteer/staff wellbeing support 
  • Fundraising planning 
  • Digital support 
  • Budgeting and cost savings  
  • HR Guidance 
  • Closure and merge 
  • Marketing and PR 
  • Prepare for commissioning   

Application Process: 

  1. Register on Beecan to help the Network understand your structure 
  2. Complete online application form available on Beecan; a word version also available within the guidance notes 
  3. A Telephone call to discuss the detail within your application  
  4. A committee assessment to ensure the funding and support is right for you. 

What we are looking for: 

  1. The request for funding and support is appropriate 
  2. The applicant has an understanding of the challenges  
  3. The essential costs to secure a sustainable future are identified 
  4. How our East Riding VCSE Network could help (optional) 

Grant Management: 

East Riding VCSE Network has appointed a committee to support the assessment stage and make recommendations for both funding and consultancy support. HEY Smile Foundation will facilitate agreed actions, evaluate and broker consultancy time from the Network. 

The Committee will include VCSE Network members and a nominated representative from Two Ridings Community Foundation and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  

A variety of funding sources have collaborated to produce this community offer. Therefore HEY Smile Foundation will need to reflect on any specific conditions from these funders before finalising committee recommendations and offers.     

All applicants will receive a response regarding their application but we cannot offer an appeal process due to the timescales and conditions from the funders. If unsuccessful, applicants can reflect on the feedback and reapply. With permission the Network may signpost you to alternative resources and funding. 

Grant Guidance:

Please download and review guidance document. This includes; funding criteria, application questions and frequently asked questions. Click to download here.

How to Apply: 

Applications need to be made via Beecan.