Building Community Health Grants Seed Funding: £500

Funding to support community-led solutions to improve health and wellbeing of adults. This grant programme is looking to support start-up groups with the help of a constituted group and is known as seed funding.

This element of Building Community Health Grants will ‘seed’ community-led ideas, while facilitating local support to help with planning. It’s appropriate for a group of individuals with an initial idea to improve the health of local people, bringing them together to learn from the experience.

Examples: There might be a need to develop a local peer support group for people with a specific health condition. Or to encourage a positive lifestyle change by developing something new, or removing a berrier to participation.

How to Apply

Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea further. We’d love you to drop us an email telling us about the adults you want to help, what you’d like to do and how your idea will make an difference. Click here to email us.

Fundable items: Materials and consumables, room hive, travel, equipment and volunteer expenses.

Timescales: Open grant programme. Decisions in six weeks or less.