This funding is for small constituted groups with the potential to create big differences within their community in need of nurture.

Overview: Applying organisations need to have a strong connection to their community. They should be aware of what could make a difference to a person’s health and wellbeing and ready to try something new in response to observations within the community.

Example: You already support adults with a specific need in your community, but notice you could do more to help them. You have discussed the idea but are in need of new resources, training and support to make it happen.

How to apply:

At anytime you can contact the Smile Community Hive team or your local East Riding Social Prescribing team to discuss your application further. Both teams are keen to listen to ideas and make connections that might help develop your approach. A development plan should be in place before submitting your application, which either of the teams can help you with.

Fundable items: Materials and consumables, room hire, travel, equipment, volunteer expenses, DBS checks, insurance, training costs and utilities/running costs.

Timescales: open grant programme, decisions within six weeks or less.