The course of true love never did run smooth…

Charities come under constant pressure to stand out from the crowd. Forever vying for the love of existing donors and fighting off competitors offering something that looks more attractive on the surface, maybe a different event or volunteer offer.

The charity you loved sees you looking elsewhere, senses the relationship is getting tired and tries to compete. They spend money on a new website, a marketing campaign or a glossy annual report, to tell you more about the exciting things they could do.

But as an existing donor, you’re now annoyed!

They’re not just talking to you, but others, there are more donors now and you feel less loved… and wait a minute, how much did that new website and marketing campaign cost? I thought you were spending that money on the cause I love? So that’s it, you’re off and you’re taking your friends’ donations too!

Should you go your own way?

A charity needs to continue to invest in itself to keep you excited about the relationship, celebrate your achievements and special times together. This all costs money. Before breaking up, think how you could manage your relationship differently.

If you funded that new website or annual report as a business supporter how many more people could be helped by the charity you love because they now understand what they do? If you funded a salary of a Fundraiser… (shock request!) They can turn £1 into £4 on average.



Cherish true love

It may not be quite so romantic or require the need for divorce lawyers, but a relationship between a donor and a charity should be cherished all year round and highlighted on special days. Smile would like to reignite the romance between businesses and the community. We have been helping local businesses love local charities for the last nine years, and for our 10th anniversary, we have something special to bring to the love story.

Many charities need help, but equally businesses need help when looking at how they can positively impact their community. Smile can help you truly connect with your community with Smile365, which can help maximise contributions to the community and get something out of the relationship as well!

Smile365 caters for a one ‘day’ stand, like a thrilling charity event, or a one-off volunteer day with no strings attached; but if you’re looking to make a significant investment, devoting time, effort and love, Smile365 also has some great options to help keep the passion for your community alive.

Hugh Rice


Sail away into the sunset

This Valentine’s Day, the team at Smile is celebrating the businesses that have already made a commitment to their community…are you ready to commit yet?

Contact Tessa, Smile’s Business Developer before April 1st to find out how your business could help, benefit in return and see ‘what a difference a day makes’. Smile makes supporting your community a decision made with your head, as well as your heart. Tessa: