National Volunteers’ Week is a great opportunity to celebrate invaluable volunteers and the impact they have on organisations.

Smile’s weekly volunteer, Janet, has volunteered alongside our Charity Director, Andy Barber, in his roles at both Smile and Dove House for over 10 years.

The impact of volunteers cannot be underestimated. Janet has helped Smile raise tens of thousands of pounds for local charities.

Outside of Smile, Janet and her husband are also regular volunteers at events, and have been key ambassadors for the development of a vast range of talented badminton players across East Yorkshire.



Janet plays a key role in maximising contributions from donors and has worked incredibly hard to secure thousands of pounds in Gift Aid claims for Smile and other local charities.

Smile celebrates Janet every week, not just during Volunteers’ Week! Janet is a vital part of our team and enables us to continue to bring good intentions to life every day.