A trust fund worth £194,000 has been donated to the town of Hornsea to help implement charitable processes and ideas that will benefit the town.

The money serves as a fitting legacy from the 1930s Hornsea businessman, John Hollis and his family, who ran a timber merchants in Hull and other businesses under the name Hollis Bros.

The family also operated the Hollis Trust fund to provide benefits to employees. The remaining funds held in this trust were recently released, several decades after John Hollis’ death in 1949, after the trustees sought legal advice from Hull based solicitors, Graham and Rosen.

Smile is managing the coordination and distribution of the family trust fund after Graham and Rosen Solicitors approached the Smile team for assistance.

Smile’s Nick Middleton who is working closely with the local community in Hornsea, explains:

“Part of Smile’s role in Hornsea is also to bring groups together to share learning and best practices and seek funding from a wide variety of sources.

“The money isn’t just for wish lists, Smile will be working with charities and community groups to help them make the most from their funds using the resources Hornsea has.”

£96,000 has been allocated to provide a purpose-built tractor for Hornsea Inshore Rescue. Further funding will also support the Hollis Recreation Ground in Hornsea to help grow participation in sport at the ground.

If you would like further information about Smile’s involvement with the Hollis Trust fund, please email Nick Middleton: nm@heysmilefoundation.org