Devil’s Kitchen is a recipe of team building, corporate entertaining and charitable giving and is cooking up a storm across the nation.

Delivered at one of Smile’s hospitality partner venues, two teams of eight from competing companies (or divisions within one company) are challenged to prepare, cook and deliver a meal for 80 guests.

The teams are guided throughout the day by the host venue experts. Guests are able to view the live action in the kitchen through our CCTV system and score their team’s performance, giving scores for entertainment, service and each course of the meal. The scores are counted, crowning the company with the highest score the winners.

There is no charge for guests to attend, instead they are asked to make a charitable donation for what they feel the evening is worth.

Devil’s Kitchen is now being rolled out across the country to generate further funds and awareness for local charities. 60% of funds raised stays with charities local to the Devil’s Kitchen and the remaining 40% returns to Hull and East Yorkshire.

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